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Basil Fest!


We saw the sign for Basil Fest at the Pearl Farmer's Market last week and knew we had to go!  With visions of naked pesto wrestling we headed there today before we had to drop Maddy off at the airport.  To be completely honest, they had us a basil ice cream!         

  If you brought a younger child you could even get a free basil plant!

Don't worry, we didn't make her eat basil ice cream, she had orange vanilla.  The key to Pearl Farmer's Market is getting there early while there is still parking and not too hot.  I bought some French breakfast radishes, peaches, and a watermelon.  Don't buy a watermelon first thing at the farmer's market unless you want a workout.  Luckily we found a nice seat for it at the Twig bookstore.

Found a great book for Maddy to read on her trip, "Best Food Writing of 2010" and looked at the Uchi cookbook and decided it is totally worth the trip and money to have someone else make sushi for us. Keep it green!

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