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Sunday Supper

It was sad to see my good friend from Korea head home Sunday morning.  We had a great girl's weekend, including a visit to the Korean grocery where we waxed nostalgic about Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets, jimjilbangs and Korean foodstuffs.  With a name like shishito, I shouldn't have been surprised to find these peppers there.  I was surprised to see how much cheaper they were there vs. gourmet grocery! 

   Score!  See how Asian they look...


 Also, they do best with the Zen-like simplicity of grilling after a quick toss with olive oil and kosher salt.

  Make sure you have something handy in case of flare ups....

 MMMMM....blistery, smoky perfection.

They are delicious all by themselves...not spicy at all and a great vegetable side dish.  Good warm, at room temp or directly from tupperware while writing a blog post.

Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes awaiting their date with goose turd pesto and grilled ono (just rubbed with olive oil/salt/pepper).   

  Also, my poached figs were finally applied to some vanilla ice cream with sliced peaches.

See, cooking for one doesn't have to be a Hot Pocket filled with sadness.... 

Just Peachy

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