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Just Peachy

If you are in my circle of immediate family, friends or Facebook friends you will know that I have been on the juice as of late.  

No, not the Roger Clemens kind of juice, this kind of juice...

The Omega 4000!  A pulp ejector juicer!  Super easy to operate and clean.  After watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," last weekend I totally drank the Kool-Aid, er, I mean the juice.  While not personally ready for a 60 day juice fast I could see the application in my personal life if only to help me deal with my farmer's market Imelda Marcos-like addiction to fresh fruits and vegetables.  After a huge lunch at an Italian restaurant yesterday, I rounded up some fruit and veg to make a liquid supper.

 Kale, carrot, apple, grapefruit juice....actually quite delicious and satisfying.

Not pictured is the canteloupe, ginger, basil, carrot juice I had for breakfast. I eliminated one of my two cups of coffee.  Lest you think I have joined the raw food crazy train.....I quickly discovered a more nefarious use for the Omega 4000.


The possibilities are endless!  I give you the St. Germain Bellini

1 part peach juice

1 part St. Germaine

Pour over ice, top with sparkling wine.

Keeping Things Light

Sunday Supper