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Maddy sent this cookbook to me for my birthday, unbeknowst to her that I had been coveting it for ages.  She said she spent several HOURS on Amazon looking around.  Should make the trip to the farmer's market tomorrow a little more focused.

My coworkers, aware of my combined passions for running and cooking gave me kitchenware, cookbook and running attire.  My husband and younger daughter conspired to buy me a Kindle--knowing that I love to read but also that I would never buy one for myself.  My mom found a beautiful Coach bag that is the epitome of summer. My in-laws got me a gel mat for the kitchen so  I could cook in comfort.  My girlfriend got me a tagine.  My best friend got me some satsuma lotion that I have loved and used for years.  I am truly blessed.

Approaching my 5th decade, I am at the age where many women prefer to stop counting.  I prefer to count these advancing years as experience on my life's resume.  I have been a runner for more than 30 years, a knitter for 30 years, cooking for 35 years, a mom for 20 years, a wife for 15 years, a nurse for 19 years, a nurse-midwife for 11 years.  I know myself, and, as evidenced by the wonderfully thoughtful gifts, people know me.  The time has come to be comfortable in my skin, wrinkled as it may be.

I continue to be amazed by the communities we form with like-minded individuals.  My military friends, spread far and wide--brought together on Facebook.  No longer just a Christmas letter every December.  Beginning a food blog--initially to track the progress of our family through the fellowship of food--now a place where I can meet new friends, like Stacey:

The inspiration for this lovely, honey-lemon soaked cake.  And Sprouted Kitchen for this portable oatmeal recipe:

Can't count the number of people who have requested this recipe after seeing me eat a jar of oatmeal in morning report.....

And who would have thought you could make a pancake with garbanzo bean flour?  Thanks Casa Yellow!

The Tipsy Baker, the first food blog I followed, who made me realize that a 40 something mom just might have a voice worth listening to.  

So I will keep posting, and preserving a little slice of Lee family history.  Hoping you will stick around and see what happens.

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