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getting out of the kitchen

If you can' stand the heat....eat out on your porch.  Oh wait, it's 102 degrees in the shade.  The heat dome is perpetual in central Texas this July, but we are tough enough to drink red wine on the porch with our dinner. 

Naan pizzas were Sophie's idea.  The commercially available naan is a pale, doughy shadow of fresh baked, but it makes an o.k. pizza and a quick dinner.  Top with ingredients of your choice--roasted veg, pesto and sausage for me, goat cheese for Sophie.  Pop in 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.

Hula girl, I wish we were on the lanai in Hawaii with a trade wind stirring the wind chimes.

Pimm's Cup with Strawberries

Gamja Jorim