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Mission: Maximal Produce Utilization

 Realizing you have an obsession is only half the problem when you buy too much at the farmer's market, the other half is finding a way to use it before it goes bad!  I had whittled down my last binge to a bag of fingerling potatoes and a bowl of cherry tomatoes.

Here they are getting ready for a roast in the oven, tossed with some olive oil and Seasonello.  I know, those purple fingerling potatoes are slightly reminiscent of cat turds.  They are not purple inside, and that oblong shape is perfect for even cooking.

I thought about roasting my kale pulp from the juicer this morning with it but was worried that it would burn to a crisp.  Instead I sauteed with some olive oil and garlic and then mixed with the roasted veg.  Mission accomplished!

 For dinner we added some sliced smoked sausage and jarlsberg cheese and topped with some pesto.  Reheated in oven until warm, about 15 minutes or so. 

 I found these heavy ceramic bowls in Korea.  They use them to serve hot soups in nearly every restaurant, hence the handy wood charger.  They are oven safe to boiling lava hot and  keep your food warm for quite awhile which is handy during video Skype sessions.

Virtual meal with Ian. 

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