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The Magic of Mint Chocolate Chip

Leftover waffles + mint chocolate chip ice cream + chocolate ganache=perfection. 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream holds a special place in the Lee family history.  It is my personal favorite flavor of ice cream.  Brownies with mint chocolate chip ice cream and hot chocolate ganache would be my dead-man-walking or deserted-island food hands down.  I prefer Breyer's without the green coloring but will suffer HEB brand if it is on sale. 

True story:  phone call from me to Ian circa 2004

Me: Honey, could you pick up some ice cream on the way home?  I made a peach cobbler today.

Ian: OK, I will be home soon.

Is it just me or was it implicit in the above request that the ice cream should complement the peach cobbler?  Should I have just asked him to bring home vanilla?  You know where this is going right?  Mint chocolate chip, while the perfect ice cream flavor, is in no way a good match for peach cobbler and this story is now legend in our family. 

Ian on video chat dreaming of some mint chocolate chip. 


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