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Tea Time

Honeydew+juicer+boba=fruit bubble tea!  You can buy powdered fruit mix for bubble tea but why do that when you have a fresh honeydew on your countertop and the power of the Omega 4000!

The best way to prepare honeydew for juicing--or eating for that matter--is cutting the skin off with a sharp knife.  Less waste and reasonably quick.  The half honeydew made enough juice for 3 bubble teas.  So sweet, no need to add sugar.

 Another benefit of making your own bubble tea is you can add as many boba as you like!  Which, of course, is the whole reason to drink bubble tea in my opinion.  Sophie's initiation to bubble tea was chai bubble tea--baby steps for my budding gourmet.

Sophie perhaps wishing she had boarded the bubble tea train in Asia and had taken advantage of a trip to Taipei--bubble tea Mecca.

Sweet Honeydew Bubble Tea Story.

 I see more bubble tea in our future.

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