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Safe for Summer Pasta Salad

 It's officially picnic and bbq season, and you don't want to be the person who brought the mayonnaise based macaroni salad that sits glistening in the sun, a food-borne illness waiting to happen.  You want to be the person who brings the salad that the hostess doesn't have to find room in her already packed refrigerator for.  You want to bring the macaroni salad that sits comfortably on the table all afternoon with it's sturdy arugula leaves and summertime flavors.  Like this one I adapted from Heidi Swanson's recipe

Sauteed garlic and scallions blended with some pasta cooking water, lemon zest/juice, salt and pepper.  Then toss with arugula, additional sliced scallions, parmesan.  I added tomatoes instead of the apples that Heidi called for.

It's summer in a bowl..... without the salmonella.

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