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Eat This Not That

Alaskan cruise post would not be complete without the obligatory iceberg picture. This was taken at Mendenhall Glacier, and believe me, it is one of many--and by many I mean thousands of pictures Ian has taken thus far. We usually try to stay far away from the madding crowds on our vacations--eating street food, trying to blend in, not buying t-shirts...but we could not miss the glacier. Thankfully we did not take an organized tour which allowed us the luxury of hiking down to the base of the glacier and stacking rocks next to Nugget Falls for several hours. Combined with 70F temps and bright sunshine--this was my favorite site of our entire trip.

The Stacker.

The Free Spirit.

Another family favorite was our hike in Skagway up to Dewey Lake.

Thank goodness for opportunities to be active to combat the constant assault by the kitchen and dining room staff on our waistlines....

This dessert was called "Menage a Trois"--the racier implication was lost on Sophie. They had her at "three desserts." Raspberry panna cotta, napoleon and Nutella semifreddo, she practically licked the plate clean; however, her initial comment was "nicely plated." The food was plentiful, and for the most part, delicious. I missed cooking and blogging, but at $8.75 for 15 minutes of internet time I decided to stick with eating.

We did try to make healthier choices and avoided the buffets and the poisonous mushrooms. Still, I feel a juice fast coming on......Look for more kitchen-related posts soon and hopefully a new travel section with lots of cruise pictures of food and teensy wildlife taken with Ian's super zoom.

Enough is Enough

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