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Watermelon Gin Cooler

Kiwi juice + watermelon juice=sewer juice.  Delicious, but not visually appealing.  You know what goes well with watermelon juice inside and out?

Gin!  I used Bombay vs. Hendricks because the subtle flavor profile of Hendricks would likely have been overwhelmed by the watermelon. 

I mixed the juice of 1/4 watermelon (about 2.5 cups) with the juice of two lemons and one orange, take 6 oz of this mixture and combine with 1 1/2 oz. gin, serve over ice.

Don't worry, this wasn't an eye-opener after the waffles.  I made it last night while video skyping with Ian so technically I wasn't even drinking alone.

And I got to use my cocktail picks....

Sardine Rillettes

Weekend Waffle