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Run Sophie Run

Sophie and I had baked good karma this weekend as evidenced by our mutual desire to make savory waffles and snickerdoodles.  Kind of old school, and not the first cookie that springs to mind for most.  Big things coming this school week: first day of cross-country practice Monday morning, picture day on Tuesday.  Both scary propositions for seventh graders.  I really felt for her when I dropped her off for practice in the morning twilight wearing her first real pair of running shoes and obviously anxious.  Fingers crossed that all went well.

Hopefully these old-fashioned cookies with their dusting of cinnamon sugar will be a little piece of me saying "I love you" at lunchtime.  Sophie did most of the work, but continues to avoid rolling dough to avoid the sticky hand issue.  I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  The dough needs to chill for at least an hour or it will be too soft; I rolled into ~walnut-sized balls...about 3 dozen cookies.

I'm Freeeeeee, Free-Forming....

Sardine Rillettes