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Baked Ricotta and Feta with Roasted Grapes

Idea for the roasted grapes purloined from Alexandra's Kitchen.  The baked ricotta and feta is a riff on an appetizer we had at Second last weekend, subbing feta for goat cheese.  What a simple and delicious dinner that saved us from leftovers.

To roast the grapes--wash grapes, toss with olive oil, kosher salt and thyme sprigs.  Roast at 450 until they begin to split and release some of their juices.

 They totally look like kalamata olives.  When Sophie was about 2 years old we gave her a kalamata olive and told her it was a grape.  Parenting fail.  Tonight she said, "Our dinner reminds me of Greece--grapes, herbs, feta, and the dress you are wearing looks like a toga."

For the baked cheese, mix 1 cup crumbled feta with 1 cup fresh ricotta, put in the oven a little bit before you put the grapes in.  It will be bubbly and beginning to brown on the edges when it is done.  Put a little fresh ground pepper on top.

Serve on toasts.

It pairs nicely with.....

 more grapes.

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