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A Good Idea In Theory


Delayed my bike ride this morning because the roads were still a little damp from some honest to goodness rain overnight.  We had time for waffles pre-ride, always nice to be well-fueled.  Sophie found a recipe on foodgawker before I was even up and out of bed.

  It involved everyone's favorite breakfast/lunch/snack/dessert spread.  Basically add 1/3 cup of Nutella to your favorite waffle batter.  We used the last of our Krusteaz whole grain mix.  They smelled delicious as they baked.

I served mine with some coconut butter, and Sophie had hers with a metric ton of syrup.  These were the driest, most crumbly waffles I have ever eaten.  They practically disintegrated as I picked them up off the waffle iron.  Our first waffle fail.  Let's keep the Nutella on the outside from now on.

On the bright side, the photos in this post were taken with my new iPhone using the instagram app.  I don't know why I waited this long.  And the waffle did help me make it through my super humid but rain-free ride.

Pasta 'n' Pesto