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Sick Day

Spending the day in front of the T.V. watching this

Working on this, and wishing that it didn't feel like I was swallowing a whole shredded wheat every time I took a sip of water.  Thought my strep throat days were behind me at this age.  The only thing that seems to help is a lot of ice water which meant that when the sore throat wasn't keeping me up, multiple trips to the bathroom were.  Oh, and the viscous lidocaine helps too, but at a cost.  It involves painstakingly painting my tonsils with a lidocaine-soaked q-tip--because you don't want to get that stuff on your tongue.  It is disgusting.  Unfortunately I don't have the gag reflex of a porn star.  Enough said. 

Breakfast was soft and easy to swallow...

 If you think my kitchen counters are a mess, you should see my hair.  Planning on ice cream for lunch.  Hoping the penicillin has kicked in by dinner.

Thank You Sir Fleming!

Pasta 'n' Pesto