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My Fair Lady

We woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning to get Sophie up to the school in time for the bus to the cross-country meet.  I did not follow the bus to the meet with my truck decorated with the school colors a la Friday Night Lights.  Instead I drove out to the course and had a nice 6 mile run of my own in the early morning cool.  This was Sophie's second meet, and she was a little nervous because they had bumped the distance up to 2 miles and according to her friends, "there are 9 hills on the course!"     

 At least she had a proper uniform this time.  Her goal was to run the whole course without stopping to walk.  She took my advice about the power of a negative split and started out with a conservative pace.


Which made for a strong finish.  True to form, the temps had risen by at least 15 degrees at this point necessitating a stop for a frozen treat.

We took this picture at a boutique in Wimberley--she said, "This chair is $560" before sitting down.  Then we moved on to the Wimberley Pie Company....

Then the Comal County fair...

 Where the $25 all you can ride wristband turned out to be an excellent purchase.  Sophie rode all of the rides, except "the ones that turn you upside down."  Except one ride DID turn you upside down, not apparent when boarding.  She survived.

Lock and load.

The person without the wristband was happy to watch.

 Or if you are adverse to vomiting and panic attacks.

Coming to a street near you in 4 short years.

 Hawaii born.  Conquers surf tube.

Common sight in Texas...

Cowboy boots and shorts.  It was 90F by this time.

We didn't play any of the games because I couldn't decide on my prize.

Giant plush garden gnome....or....

Rastafarian bananas.

My favorite was the animal exhibits.  Cooled with misters and fans. 

 Blue-ribbon chicken.


Moving on to our fair vittles....

 Awkward segue from cute baby cow to sausage.....

Nope.  As if funnel cakes need help crushing your body image and filling you with self-loathing. 

Kale Caesar

Thank You Sir Fleming!