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The Antidote to Sadness

This week we lost our beloved pug, Piki, after nine years of loyal companionship.  Following a brief, but serious illness, he slipped the surly bonds of Earth. He died with grace and dignity--in the arms of his family.

I still expected to see his ugly cute face when I woke up this morning.  The first morning of many that will hold that sharp, quick disappointment.  For the living, life goes on, and we left the house and his toys and bed and all his hair that I will vacuum up for the last time later this weekend. 

Sophie had her first cross country meet today and ran a fine race on the scorched earth under the brutal Texas sun.

Initially disappointed that she had to walk a portion of the course she was later reassured by the fact that she was by no means the lone walker.  She said she thought of Piki during her race.

We continued on to Austin over many a dry riverbed.  Our destination, "Second" a sister restaurant to "Congress" but less fancy and open for lunch.  We changed clothes in the parking lot across from the restaurant, rinsing the Texas dust from our feet with water bottles.

The food was delicious and details will be forthcoming in a future post under "Best of San Antonio and Austin."  I would be remiss if I did not include a teaser in this post.  The bacon ice cream I had with my dessert.

Our unanimous utterance upon trying a bite, "It's bacon."  My person inner monologue, "Piki would have loved this."

We spent the remainder of the afternoon at Barton Springs letting the cool waters wash our cares away.  Returning home was still sad.  I know with time comes healing and a gradual lessening of grief, but it never hurts to add a little bacon.

Piki would have wanted it that way.

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