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Hatch Chile Pesto

What? You haven't heard of Hatch chiles?  Even though they are from New Mexico, we dig them here in Texas.  Every year Central Market has a Hatch green chile festival complete with lots of samples and of course, fire-roasted chiles for sale.  I am more than happy to pay a little extra for someone else to fire-roast my chiles for me.

I did toast my own pepitas.

Hatch Green Chile Pesto

1 small bunch cilantro (I used the whole thing, stems and all)

3/4 cup toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds for you gringos)--I just toasted on the stovetop in a large saute pan over medium heat with a little oil and salt.  Watch out, they pop!

1/2 cup grated parmesan

3 medium roasted chiles

1/4 cup- 1/3 cup grapeseed oil

salt and pepper

Combine all in food processor til a smooth puree forms, adding additional oil as needed to achieve desired consistency.

Central Market was sampling their own Hatch pesto with sauteed grouper--delightful.   We just swirled ours into the leftover cauliflower soup.

 Ian didn't mind leftover soup.  He was happy not to be eating sausage for the 6th time this week.  The perils of a geographic bachelor in Costco.  Also nice to have someone to toast with.....

He wanted to catch up on all the new cocktails that had been created in his absence...the Aviation was a hit.

 And the Gibson was as good as he remembered.  Happy Labor Day! 

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