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A Sticky Situation

EEEEEEEE! Sticky dough.  But wait, have no fear, it's the dough from Artisanal Bread in 5 minutes.  You don't have to touch it.  Well, you don't have to touch it much.  After it sits overnight in the refrigerator overnight is totally do-able.   It makes these awesome sticky buns totally do-able as well.  Recipe from Alexandra's Kitchen.

The other half of the sticky equation--a brown sugar/pecan topping that starts out on the bottom.

 It looks like a kindergartener rolled this out and applied the filling.  I should have increased the amount of filling but I just filled in the bare areas with cinnamon sugar...

Baked but not flipped.

 The finished product.  Definitely follow Alexandra's advise and put a baking sheet on the rack underneath your pan.  The topping does bubble up and over, and I know most of us would rather wash a cookie sheet vs. chipping blackened brown sugar topping off the bottom of the oven.

These rolls take some planning, the dough is best made ahead to allow maximum time in the refrigerator, but once you have the chilled dough you are relatively close to having an outstanding bun.  With a lot less self-loathing than a trip to Cinnabon.  Especially if you combine it with something healthy.

Sophie's friend Kayla spent the night so we eased her into juicing with some apple/carrot/ginger juice. 

 It was sad without my canine vacuum helping out in the kitchen, but Makoa did her best to fill Piki's shoes.  Unfortunately she found herself in a sticky situation as two pre-teens became bored waiting for the buns....

Makoa trying to remain Zen...

 Why me?

Unfortunately the mom who makes homemade cinnamon rolls is also the mom who won't buy pre-made flautas at Costco...sorry Sophie. 

Car free=Care free

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