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Car free=Care free

82 miles commuting on Wednesday....grrrr.  I was off on Thursday and declined to pick Sophie up from school (35 miles round trip).  But motherly guilt got the better of me and I made her favorite for dinner....King Ranch Chicken--modified this recipe from the Homesick Texan with some of my roasted Hatch chiles, and kale (shhhh...don't tell Sophie).

The grocery getter...~8 miles round trip to the grocery store...saved about $1.00 worth of gas and burned about 300 calories.  It wasn't even 90 degrees at 11:00, has fall come to Texas?

I have carried >50 lb of groceries on this baby--don't be a hater about the plastic bags; they get recycled for litter box cleaning.  It is nice to be riding again.  Earlier the same morning I took my road bike out for a 23 mile spin and saw sheep, cows, goats, burros, and a small snake.  I think the tide is turning and my run mileage will decrease as my bike mileage increases.  Not a bad thing.

 As evidenced by the above photo, it was a big kitchen day here.....King Ranch chicken, homemade ricotta, cinnamon rolls, ginger syrup, pear tart.  Blog posts and recipes to follow.  Hopefully, the plate of cinnamon rolls with orange cream cheese frosting makes up for my failure to pick Sophie up at school.

Too bad the King Ranch isn't more photogenic....

How about with the cactus in the background?

 No?  It really is a great recipe and freezes well.  Just try a little bite...

Cucumber Ginger Mojitos

A Sticky Situation