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Highs and Lows

                             This is where I would have lost my doughnut....

We escaped early on Friday and spent a couple of days in Austin this weekend.  Sophie had a trapeze lesson scheduled for Saturday, and we wanted to visit Penzey's and Uchiko as long as we were there.  Sophie enjoyed the trapeze lesson, and expects that next time her body will cooperate with her mind.

This position is much more difficult 40 feet above the ground, and you would have to pry my cold, dead hands from the bar to assume it.

 Nothing scary about Penzey's spices--except perhaps for your wallet.  We bought Rogan Josh seasoning, Szechuan peppercorns, epazote, Aleppo pepper, fine gray sea salt, mint hot chocolate mix and this little jar of "Fox Point" seasoning.  I am typically leery of "spice mixes" especially when they sound like a gated community and contain things like dehydrated garlic, but Sophie was insistent.  Stay tuned.....

We had a wonderful dinner at Uchiko--no surprise there, ate too many doughnuts at Gourdough's, and were ready for some healthy eating when we got home. 

                                Yogurt, food of the Greek gods 

 We hopped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon a long time ago, but, dang, that stuff is expensive!  I had a container of Chobani in the refrigerator and nothing but time on Sunday so I made my own.  I will tell you how I did it as long as you promise to read Jennifer Reese's book "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter." Ms. Reese, aka The Tipsy Baker, compiled this volume with recipes/cost and hassle analysis of making vs. buying commonly eaten items.  The waffles were to die for.  The yogurt couldn't have been simpler.  Take 1/2 gallon of milk, heat to just below boiling and cool to 110-120F.  Add 1/4 cup yogurt with live cultures.  Cover with damp dishtowel and put somewhere warm for 10 hours.  Strain.  Save the whey to make bagels later in the week when your dough hook comes from Amazon. 

 Now, take a cup of your yogurt,  mix in 2-3 tsp of Fox Point seasoning, and booyah!  Salad dressing.  Sophie was very concerned that I had used too much of this precious spice.  There is enough spice in that little jar to easily make a quart of dressing.

Please admire my grill marks and my restraint.  I only had half of one of these steaks for dinner with a small piece of bread, water and no dessert. 

Carrot Cookies

Open Sesame