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Mr. January

After skipping December's cupcake of the month, Sophie was anxious to get January's done this weekend in time them to bring them to classmates on Monday.  It involved the bulk candy aisle and a lot of butter and sugar.

 We made the cupcakes from scratch using a recipe Sophie found on the internets.  A yellow spice cupcake swirled with mixed berry jam topped with an orange buttercream.  Originally we were going to use a marshmallow fluff buttercream but I broke a glass near the open jar of fluff.  I debated, but then threw the jar away when I thought about how this statement, "I was pretty sure there wasn't broken glass in the frosting" would sound on the witness stand.

The only kind of snowmen we make in central Texas....

While every kitchen surface was coated with a fine dusting of confectioner's sugar I used the Vitamix to whip up something a little less Paula Deen.

 Blueberry Banana Lassi

2 very ripe bananas

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup Greek yogurt

splash or two of almond milk

1/2 tsp. cardamom

Whirl all together in blender. Serves 3.  If you are Paula Deen you could use cinnamon instead--supposed to be good for the sugar diabetes.

Great Balls of Fiber

Bait and Switch