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Honey Please Do!

The honeydew the size of a human head had been sitting on my counter mocking me for yet another Costco overindulgence.  When I saw the recipe for "cucumber, honeydew and cayenne frozen yogurt" in Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams I thought I had this problem solved.  Until I saw the amount required--1/8 of a medium melon.  Whaaaat?  And then you only use 1/3 cup of honeydew puree?  There was no way I was bringing this overripe monstrosity to my Sunday brunch meetup.  What's a girl to do?

 Pictured is the giant bowl of honeydew puree from most of the melon.  See cat head shadow for scale.  I forged ahead and made the cucumber/honeydew syrup--boil the above with a little sugar (proportions were roughly 1/3 cup honeydew puree, 1/4 cup cucumber puree and 1/4 cup sugar).  That's about 10 times what I needed for the froyo.

I made a sparkling water and syrup beverage with the two tablespoons that wouldn't fit in the bottles.  Delicious!  What else is sparkling and tastes good with honeydew-cucumber syrup?  Sparkling wine, natch!

Honey Please Do!

2 TBS honeydew-cucumber syrup

dash lemon bitters

sparkling wine

Put syrup in the bottom of champagne flute, add bitters. Top with sparkling wine.

 They were a big hit at brunch once I stopped overflowing the glass-FWIW small, flat bottomed glasses cause massive issues with this particular beverage.  Nothing to do with the bartendress--happened the very first cocktail I poured.

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