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Living the dream.

I had a dream I was vacuuming, and when I looked down, the vacuum hose looked a lot like small bowel.  There was even a stenotic area that was affecting the suction.  Then the cat chewed on the hose and I lost all suction.  I was yelling for Sophie to bring me some duct tape when I woke up.

While awake I discovered a neat trick--if you are making something that requires melted butter and greasing a cake pan with butter wait until you have poured the melted butter out of the vessel you have melted it in and using a pastry brush grease your cake pan with the butter you couldn't get out of the vessel.  Nobody can get all the butter out, it requires superpowers so this trick should work for you.

What do these two things have in common?  I don't have pictures for either one.

Here's the beef.

Out of India