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Here's the beef.

Just when I thought there wasn't anything else I needed for the kitchen....

While we were at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market this weekend buying croissant and empanadas instead of fresh kale and stuffing our faces with free apple slices we stumbled upon a cool boutique that sold $125 kitchen mats and this awesome garlic press.  I should just throw my old one away or use it for Playdough.  You should get one for everyone on your holiday list.  It has come in very handy with all the Indian cooking this week, but my family was probably ready for some good old American food by this point.

That's 'merican.

I got these steaks at H-mart for $3.99/lb. plus pork belly for $2.99/lb.  And more spices of course.  I have to laugh when Southeast Asian cookbooks remind you store your spices in a "cool, dry place."  Yeah, riiiiight, like Mumbai or Bangkok.  The spices must stay really fresh at H(ypothermia)-mart.  I was still cold even though I wore my new shearling lined shoes; I had to eat half a pound of pajeon ($3.99/lb) to warm back up.  Drawn in by the Container Store tractor beam on the way home I found a shopping center with a Fresh Farm Market (apple and cherry cider, thyme plant), Ann Taylor Loft (black skinny cords), and a Neiman Marcus outlet (two shirts, one tunic and skinny jeans).  Good thing this dinner didn't require a lot of attention because I wasted most of the day shopping.  Sophie loved the potatoes, and asked, "what kind of cheese is this."  When I told her it was parmesan she said, "Not from dad's big jar."  Nope, that stuff doesn't melt.  

Everybody enjoyed the curry-free meal and retired to the TV room to watch "Freaks and Geeks" followed by the debate.  Sophie had an assignment for history class to watch and report on the debate.  She, like most Americans, became quickly frustrated, "I don't understand what they are saying." Honey, welcome to the club.  We expect our healthcare providers to answer our questions directly and provide evidence-based care, why can't we hold our elected officials to the same standard?  I hope Obama didn't fracture any fillings last night trying to keep from hurling a string of expletives at Romney.  Maybe the next debate could be held in a "paintball forum."  I don't know what the take-away message was for Sophie, but it is no wonder she has no desire to learn more about politics.  In the interest of creating an independent thinker, we took Sophie to see "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" last weekend--a wonderful, albeit darkish, coming of age movie.  Follow those dreams Sophie, just without the LSD part. 

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