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Going Nuts and Bananas

I always feel sorry for the guys selling roasted nuts at the farmer's market.  There is always a dense cluster of folks scavenging the free samples, but nobody ever seems to buy them.  Maybe because they are so simple to make--nuts, sugar, salt, spice of your choosing.  The peanuts pictured above were a component for David Lebovitz's Banana Cake with Mocha Frosting and Salted Candied Peanuts.  He suggests that the leftovers are delicious with ice cream, or eaten out of hand--like I did just now after this post reminded me that I had them. Dammit.

At least I had the foresight to make this cake when I knew I had people coming over to help me eat it.  A dear friend from Texas (circa 2003-2005) now lives 45 minutes north and came for an impromptu dinner Saturday, and my sister and her boyfriend came for lunch Sunday.  The cake was delicious, and unlike so many banana cakes, did not taste like round banana bread.  Maybe it was the mocha frosting (hated by Sophie).  Ian thinks it's the best cake I have made in his recent memory.  

We resupplied bananas at Costco, but unfortunately the Yoohoopocalypse is upon us.  We had to settle for chocolate milk.  Our beautiful fall weather came to an end with driving rain just as we pulled back up to the house,  and we had to put the treadmill together for Sophie to do her run.  I finished "Gone Girl," and am well into "The Emperor of All Maladies,"--a fascinating book I should have read a lot sooner.  No recipes this post, but at least I have given you two solid book recommendations. And if you ever get to the DC area and want some good ramen, try Ren's Ramen in Silver Spring/Wheaton.  Despite the disgruntled/entitled customer that complained to the cashier about the lack of parking and ATM (both readily available < 1 block away), we had a great time and possibly the best tonkotsu ramen since Hakata Bunko in Seoul.  You're welcome.


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