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Bombs Away


 Sophie had a random day off school Friday, and as a bribe to get her to go shoe shopping I made bagel bombs for breakfast.  I know "bribe to go shoe shopping" sounds like an oxymoron, but it just isn't her thing.  Sweet breakfast pastries are definitely her thing.  Instead of the savory filling recommended by Momofuku Milk Bar I whipped together some cream cheese with blueberry preserves and sprinkled with sugar prior to baking.  I also substituted whey for the water in the recipe because I had some leftover after making yogurt.  For a nice tutorial on how to make bagel bombs click here.  We had an overall pleasant shopping experience because I was smart enough to go to Target first and acquire the Pokemon game she has been jonesing for along with some softball equipment.  They have been playing softball in PE, and she was worried because, "I can't catch or hit."  She actually performed well in our backyard session after I explained that you never throw the ball to somebody unless you have made eye contact with them first...Pom Diggity wore himself out chasing the ball around.  Unfortunately all the activity still did not elicit a poo.  He has been constipated lately, and I worried that he had some intestinal blockage from eating persimmons.  Apparently that is a thing with small dogs because of the seeds.  We have been feeding him canned pumpkin to get things moving, thanks Google! We decided to try using our new fruit picker to get some of the ripe persimmons and succeeded in crushing/picking 2 persimmons.  You would think that a fruit that ripe would fall off the tree if you sneezed, but it required vigorous pulling which is unfortunate because ripe Hachiya persimmons have the internal consistency of pudding.  I am going to need a lot more persimmons if I am going to make ice cream and jam.  I used our meager harvest to make a smoothie with some banana, yogurt and milk.  Sophie asked, "Are those safe to eat?" before she would drink it, I guess because we usually don't eat things we find in our backyard.  I think it might even be safe for Pom Diggity because the persimmons I used had no seeds.  I am not sure what the take-away message of this post is, but at least you know what to do if your dog has trouble moving his bowels.

Army ten miler

Here's the beef.