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Army ten miler

 The 28th running of the Army Ten Miler was this past Sunday.  Ian, Dan and I had an amazingly uneventful trip down to the start on the Metro.  The weather couldn't have been better, 50 F, cloudless skies and no wind.  From the packet pick-up to the availability of porta-potties, the organization was nearly flawless.  With ~30,000 runners on a ten-mile course, the crowd never really thinned out.  Evidence of those who had sacrificed life and limb in support of this country was not in short supply.  There was a contingent of wounded warriors and many of the runners had photographs of loved ones and friends pinned to their shirts; running in memory of those who would never run again.  Surrounded by the energy of this crowd, the ten miles seemed to melt away.  I crossed the finish line with my soldier, grateful to have him home and intact.  It wasn't my fastest ten miles, but it did renew my joy for running.  Marine Corps Marathon 2013?  Count me in.

Billy Goat Trail

Bombs Away