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The River Ran Through It

 Pom Diggity rocking the custom raincoat.

You can find anything on Google, including "small dog raincoat pattern."  PEPCO set the bar high during Hurricane Sandy, and we only lost power from 2130-0330.  I got rid of two frozen pizzas for dinner, and none of our food went bad.  We didn't even need to dig into the emergency food supplies (AKA Halloween candy).  I am sincerely sorry for our NYC friends and hope they can bounce back in time for the NYC Marathon this coming weekend.  When I was in elementary school we lived on Guam and weathered Supertyphoon Pamela in 1976.  We lived on the Naval base in a cinderblock house with metal jalousie windows.  We "sheltered in place" in the 150 mph winds, and some friends who lived on their sailboat stayed with us.  When they went to check on the boat during the eye, it had already sunk.  We were without power for two weeks, no phone for a month, and ate most of our meals at the mess hall.  The typhoon hit in the middle of May, but we never went back to school that year.  Since my sister and I were 8 and 10 years old at the time, we remember it as being a lot of fun.  We didn't rely on electronic entertainment like the kids these days, and ran around in packs playing kick the can and hide and seek.  We didn't worry about  the 6 lb. of frozen shrimp in the freezer or that the sump pump needs electricity to keep your basement dry.  We didn't lose friends or loved ones to falling trees or a small business to flooding.  I am grateful that we dodged another bullet this week.  Sophie is glad that Halloween wasn't ruined.

 Bent, but not broken, the persimmon tree clings stubbornly to its unripe fruit, not pictured is the small stream that ran through the backyard.

I am going to stop hoarding the shrimp.  Here is some of it in a bowl of khao soi, I modified from a recipe I found in "Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet".

2 cans coconut milk (scoop 1/2 cup of the thicker milk off the top of the first can, stir the rest)

1.5 TBS red curry paste

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp turmeric

1 TBS sugar (I used turbinado)

3 TBS fish sauce

2 TBS lime juice

kosher salt

canola oil

1 lb. chinese egg noodles

1 lb cooked shrimp

cabbage (recipe follows)

Mix garlic/curry paste/turmeric and a big pinch of salt in a small bowl.  Heat ~1 TBS oil in a wok over med-high heat, stir fry curry paste mixture for ~1-2 min til fragrant, then add the 1/2 cup of thick coconut milk and cook until the oil is released and the mixture thickens slightly.  Add the remainder of the coconut milk, 1 cup water, sugar and fish sauce.  Simmer vigorously for ~10 min.  You could cook your shrimp in the mixture if you like.  I didn't only because they were frozen with shell on.  In the meantime, cook and drain the noodles.  Remove curry soup from heat and add lime juice.  Put noodles in bowl and top with soup mixture/shrimp and cabbage.


1 head Savoy cabbage, cored and cut into ~1 inch chunks

canola oil


rice wine vinegar

Stir fry cabbage over med-high heat in a wok, salt to taste as you cook.  The cabbage should be wilted slightly with browning.  Splash a few tablespoons of rice wine vinegar into the cabbage to deglaze pan and cover to keep warm while soup is being prepped.

*bux scones and more

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