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The Girl is Crafty Like Ice is Cold

More hot glue than Ru Paul's Drag Race episode.

Having said goodbye to Halloween, and way too early for Christmas decor, Sophie and I decided to fashion a fall-themed wreath with glittery styrofoam balls, pumpkins, ribbon and at least 4 sticks of glue.  Thanksgiving preparations have not begun in earnest yet, but I am picking up the prime rib this weekend in time for a few days of dry aging.  Ian's parents arrive this Friday, and I am counting on Shirley for an apple pie.  For whatever reason, this time of year inspires me to get things done.  I bit the bullet and began using the fabric I had been hoarding from Kyoto and Seoul.  I wish I had realized just how small the yo-yos would be when I started this project, but the Clover yo-yo maker directions were in Japanese.  

I am going to need a lot of yo-yos if this is going to be a table runner.  They are roughly quarter-sized.  I made the cocktail napkins that I had envisioned when I bought this fabric 3 years ago.

 "quick" napkins

I finished the big herringbone cowl and a hat and have finally recommenced knitting Maddy's cardigan that was supposed to be for her 21st birthday (5 days ago).  It is getting cold enough to need some knitwear.  We all ran the Candy Cane 5K this past weekend.  Sophie had a 2 minute PR, and I realized that my current 5K pace is my former half-marathon pace.  The fact that my pre-race routine did not involve 15 minutes in the porta-potty and 3 yards of toilet paper made this new low-key approach worth it.

Over the course of the weekend we finished off a giant vat of posole with the help of my new coworker and her family, hiked Difficult Run, made a trip to Costco, and enjoyed probably the last of the warmish weather.  For Veteran's Day Ian and I took advantage of Banana Republic's military appreciation discount and lamented the human frailty of RET Gen. Petraeus.  The Onion keeps things in perspective here.  

Don't let one bad apple, or just one with really poor judgement, spoil the bushel.

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