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Mommy's Got New Shoes

                                 Current odometer reading: 10.38 miles

Had my first trail run on my new shoes.  Somebody told me I looked so light on my feet, maybe it was the shoes.  They are light, but not as minimalist as Vibram 5 fingers or the New Balance Minimus.  They dry quickly too--beneficial since even our urban trail runs seem to have a stream crossing or two.  We aren't too far off the grid, and we even joked that we could find our way back to the parking lot by just asking Siri to find the closest Starbucks.  In Hawaii and Texas getting lost on a trail run meant you might be featured on "I Shouldn't Be Alive."  

 Here's a close up of Sophie's new pajamas, complete with loop for hanging.  She's excited today because I told her we are going to make "real popcorn" and because I am not putting the wild mushrooms in the coq au vin I am making for dinner.  My mom used to make coq a vin all the time except I thought she was saying coq au "van".  It was probably best since my sister and I were more likely to eat something we thought was some how related to the Mystery Mobile vs. having an entire bottle of red wine in it.  It is sort of a dreary grey day here, perfect for braised chicken.  We had a great time yesterday in D.C.  The White House Tour is something everybody should do once in their life--especially awesome during the holidays.  They let you take pictures!  We went to a holiday market and the National Portrait Gallery and then to Church Key for beers and snacks.  Altogether a perfect day.  I bought a new cookbook at Anthropologie called "Les Petits Macarons."  It is wonderfully written with multiple sections for trouble-shooting what went wrong with your cookies.  Now I have a reason to buy licorice powder too.  The sections on fillings alone made it worth it--they would all translate well to cupcake toppings.

            I know, we need another cupcake picture like another hole in our head.

I promise you these are worth it.  They are from David Leibovitz's, "Ready for Dessert" and you can see the recipe here.  I actually substituted grated fresh ginger for the ground ginger and grapefruit juice for the lime juice in the frosting.  We brought them to a holiday party and they were gone in seconds.  Sophie was very sad to see me with the empty cupcake carrier.

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