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I Could Be Wrong I Could Be Right

                                               Fool-proof, made by a non-fool.

Sophie and I finally made the gougeres from Dorie Greenspan's "Around My French Table."   The recipe is straightforward, and the results are delicious.  Sophie said, "It didn't make 3 dozen."  Somehow it felt better to say that I ate 4 of them, instead of 8.  We used cheddar cheese because it's what we had ready, but I would love to try the Gruyere version.  I am saving my Gruyere money for the cheese fondue we will have at Christmas.  

 Feeling cocky with my recent baking success I decided to tackle some cookie recipes from this month's issue of Bon Appetit and an "easy macaron" recipe from my new cookbook.  Your mom was right, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  The easy macaron recipe called for adding the unbeaten egg whites to the nut flour/sugar mixture.  Total fail.  I like to call them "macawrongs."  I used pistachio flour hence the goose turd green color.  Sandwiched with some Nutella (the spackle of home cooks) they were delicious enough to send off to the teacher's holiday lunch.  The "Beure and Sel Jammers," from Bon Appetit (another Dorie recipe) made 15 cookies instead of the 36--luckily great in the taste department but more work than anticipated.

For Ian's department at work (can you make some treats for me to hand out?) I used the French Macaron recipe from the new cookbook with excellent results.  It calls for starting at low heat (200F) for 15 minutes instead of piping and letting cookies sit for an hour to develop the shell.  The oven temp is then raised to 350F and the cookies finish in another 11 minutes.  Macaron perfection. 

                                   One of these things is not like the others.....

I used a little cinnamon in the shell, the book recommended pairing with Cinnamon-Apple butter or Oatmeal Cookie buttercream.  I used dulce de lazy, I mean leche.....Delicioso! Feliz Navidad people.

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