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Gingerpeople: a primer

 Rolled cookies typically do nothing for my holiday spirit.  The dough is either too sticky to roll or so full of flour that the resultant cookies are as tough as roofing shingles.  Thank you King Arthur Flour for giving me this perfect gingerbread recipe

 Rolled about 1/8" thick on parchment and then left on parchment to bake after removing the dough in between--I like to refer to the left over dough as "anti-gingerbread people."  Not having to remove the cookie from the parchment and simply sliding the whole thing on to the cookie sheet means no amputated gingerbread limbs.

 Gingerbread people and anti-gingerbread people after baking.  Minimal puffing with this dough which is highly desirable in a rolled cookie.  Ready for decorating with this egg-free glaze and those inedible silver dragees.  I told Sophie we used to eat them all the time, and that you shouldn't eat them because they are hard enough to crack a tooth.  She said, "One of the ingredients is silver, that's why they are inedible." Point, Sophie.

Fa la la la laarb

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