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Who Will Be Our Life-Ring?


                         Taken on the shores of the Han River in Seoul ~January 2010. 

 The sign says, "Please throw the life ring to the drowning person."  Koreans are so polite even in crisis.  I am glad the world didn't end today.  I had a nice week.  I helped deliver a 9 lb. baby girl (my first delivery since July--it is like riding a bike) yesterday, and my trail run training group did a night run through the woods with headlamps on Wednesday night.  It was the Blair Witch Project combined with how it felt to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night as a teenager.  Pom Diggity and I went shopping today for some last minute gifts, and I saw just a few snowflakes fluttering by as I walked to the mailbox.  We are staying home for the holidays this year and will be missing Maddy who will be with her dad and his family in Florida.  We are planning a Christmas brunch with Ian's sister and her family.  I observed a moment of silence today at 9:30 along with others nationwide to honor those killed during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary last week.  I cannot imagine how pervasive the silence must be in those homes who lost loved ones so needlessly. 

Listening to the song "Head full of doubt/Road full of promise," by the Avett Brothers I was struck by this line:

"When nothing is owed, deserved or expected

And your life doesn't change by the man who's elected

If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected

Decide who to be and go be it."

We all hope for change.  Maybe we need to stop hoping and start acting.  I don't think our founding fathers anticipated the horrific combination of a disturbed individual with an assault weapon and a wanton disregard for his fellow man.

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