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milk....and cookies

Against my better judgement I pulled the trigger and ordered Christina Tosi's "Momofuku Milk Bar" cookbook.  When I say "against my better judgement" I mean in spite of the fact that I knew I would want to make and consequently eat everything in the book.  I had picked up a copy on a recent trip to William & Sonoma, put it down, picked it up, put it down--piquing the interest of another shopper who proceeded to buy the book as a gift for a someone.  I hope her friend really likes to bake.  This book is not for the meek--as I paged through the recipes (with Sophie chanting "buy it" in my ear) I quickly realized that most required several components that were recipes unto themselves.  Weird ingredients like freeze-dried corn, glucose, and dry milk powder abound, but Tosi talks you off the ledge with her excellent advice chapters and reassures with her "you can buy anything on the internet" mantra.

    Torched marshmallows, one of the 6 components of the chocolate malt cake.  Probably the best argument for owning a butane kitchen torch ever!  After a shopping spree at Amazon and the local restaurant supply Sophie and I were ready to take on the Milk Bar challenge.  The kitchen scale has become my new BFF.  I plan to use it for all my recipes in the future--this website will allow you to convert almost any ingredient (including poi!) from volume to weight measurements. 

 Finished product #1: cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

 Finished product #2 Chocolate Malt Layer Cake

Finished product #3: Crack (TM) Pie

Tempting, no? This is two days of work.  This is after 10 sink loads of dishes. 


This is what your kitchen will look like for the entire weekend and why you will need to get down on your hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor so you don't feel like you are in a cheap movie theater every time you take a step.  You will walk down the baking aisle at Costco, look at the 25 lb. bag of light brown sugar and think, "Maybe I would use all that."

                               It's all it's cracked up to be after all...... 

 While we were following the Pigletover on food52 I was rooting for Milk Bar all the way.  I know it's not healthy.  I know Tosi uses ingredients that make Alice Waters cringe.  I know that my preteen and I would not have had the time of our lives cooking organic vegetables all weekend.  Momofuku Milk Bar is a wild ride.  Buy this book and experience Tosi's brilliance in all its stoner/mad scientist glory.  I bet she was the best babysitter ever.

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