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It's Aloha Friday

Harris came home Thursday.  Thursday night made me happy that puppies are so cute, although less so at 3 a.m.  Unfortunately, it also rained a majority of the day Friday which necessitated multiple episodes of Pomeranian drying.  

We decided to brighten our day with a little taste of the islands.  Sophie has been jonesing for angel food cake for ages, and I keep denying her this pleasure from the bakery in our local grocery store.  I have always wanted to make an angel food cake from scratch.  It couldn't be easier--egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar and cake flour.  I used Ruhlman's "Ratio" recipe, but I am sure you could find one on the internets.

I decided to pair with some guava cream since I had found fresh guava at HEB.  Scent is strongly connected to memory, and the smell of those guavas brought me back to the trails at Tantalus.  The guava were so plentiful, they were rotting on the ground.  Any attempt to bring them home in my hydration pack conveniently resulted in puree with all the bouncing. 

To prepare guava puree without taking them for a 6 mile run do the following:

1 lb. fresh guava (sliced)


sugar to taste

Place guava in small sauce pan and cover with water.  Add 3 TBS sugar.  Boil ~15 minutes or until soft.  Blend puree with stick blender/blender/vitamix.  Press puree through fine sieve to remove seeds.  Add a couple of drops of red food coloring because that's how they do it at Napolean's Bakery in Hawaii.

To make the guava cream, whip 1 cup heavy cream until stiff with 2 TBS sugar, fold in guava puree.  It makes a great topping for angel food cake, or you could layer with standard white cake.

                                                Komo mai e ai! Come in, eat! 

The sun eventually came out, and it was enjoyed by all....

Leaving Las Vegas...

Totally Homemade--take that Sandra Lee