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Brunch: Food 52 Style

       My biggest Alaska purchase--boning knife with moose antler handle 

Last weekend Sophie and  I got together for Sunday brunch with some food 52 friends.  I had been looking forward to this get-together for months.  We joined them after their half-marathon for some carbo reloading.  I wasn't racing, but I did run 13.1 at home before brunch to level the playing field.  I brought the Honey Please Do's  and a pot of chili.

This is my entry into the food 52 "best chile recipe" contest.  The recipe is here.  If you hurry it might be ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow.  

 Arielle brought this stupendous Monkey (Ginger) Bread. It was runner-up in the best holiday breakfast category.  Abbie, our gracious hostess, made this ginormous crowd pleaser: breakfast bread pudding.  Nancy brought her grapefruit with a "hint of mint" cake--runner-up for best citrus recipe.

This cake was so light and delicate.  I had to have two pieces.  There were gifts from food 52'ers that couldn't make the party.....

             Maple Butter and Lilikoi Curd for our scones

It was so much fun to hang out with other people who think about food every waking moment.  We talked about Bravo Top Chef Texas--our hometown favorite Paul Qui hopefully has a lock on the top slot. 

We oohed and ahhed over Henry--possibly the only person there who could pull off wearing that shade of green. 

We made room for Sara's kumquat Shaker pie...

Sophie fell asleep on the way home.  We had leftover kale salad and quinoa for dinner.  It was the equivalent of the Superbowl slugfest that will be going on all over the US of A tomorrow.

When people are gathered around the TV tomorrow eating nachos and wings Sophie and I will be cooking from Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.  It will involve a lot of pans and sugar.  Stay tuned for our winners.... 

milk....and cookies

Happy Ending Salad