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Best in Show

Hi, my name is Harris, and this is my girl Sophie.  We had our first dog show this weekend.  I was registered in the puppy class.  Sophie got a new blazer--it was awesome.  It had pockets for chicken!

Here is a picture of my breeder and Sophie and I while I endured yet another brushing.  Ring side grooming involves a lot of brushing and hairspray, and then I can't sit down or else I will mess up my tail.

 Look how fast I am walking! My hair blows around, and it's hard to keep me in focus.  Sophie looks pretty good too.

Here I am on the table while the judge looks at my teeth.  I am closer to the blazer pocket with the chicken now, and it's a little distracting.....

Can I have the chicken now?  Sophie makes me stand, and then I get some chicken!

 My peeps--Hobbs and Marla--watching me excel.  I won my class, twice!  It may or may not have had something to do with being the only puppy in the class but everyone seemed really proud of Sophie and me anyway.

Sophie and her mom brought people treats to the show too.  They wanted to make sure you had a recipe for them.

Rice Krispy Treat pops

using the directions on a box of rice krispies make a batch of them, add some ground up dehydrated strawberries (pulverize in food processor til they are powdery) to the marshmallow mixture prior to mixing into cereal.  Thanks to Week of Menus for this great idea.  Form into balls and then dip into candy coating.  Sprinkle with nonpareils or other if desired.  Allow to dry.  Styrofoam packing is a great pop stand.

 Everybody said they were delicious.  I didn't get to try any since I am a dog!

 After the show we went to the Cove for dinner since they let dogs hang out there.  I was exhausted but enjoyed the live music and a rawhide chew.  The people had people food.

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