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Erin go Bragh?

 Saint Patrick's Day is a non-holiday in our house.  We have outgrown green beer, dislike corn beef and  have only a smidgen of Irish blood.  We don't, however, need an excuse for a special dessert.  For Ian's last night at home Sophie decided she wanted to make Momofuku Milk Bar's Grasshopper Pie.  It is a brownie pie with a mint cheesecake bottom, topped with marshmallows and a mint glaze.  True to form it requires 4 separate recipes.

 Alas, we did not have peppermint extract.  We used orange instead.  Another classic combination with dark chocolate at any rate.  The green in the glaze and cheesecake comes from food coloring and not mint leaves.  We were also out of mini marshmallows so Sophie snipped up some large marshmallows, and we used a chocolate instead of graham crust.

 After two hours at the indoor trampoline park I only felt slightly guilty about the decadence factor of the typically Tosi creation.  I am looking forward to meeting her at the Austin Food & Wine Festival in April.

Pizza, Pop-up and Pancakes.

Dutch Baby