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Leaving Las Vegas...

                   The only decent food photo I have taken post trip.

I had a fantastic time in Las Vegas last weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I hate Las Vegas.  It is where the term "ugly American" applies to 50% of the population on the Strip.  Luckily redeemed by a high concentration of excellent restaurants, and a wonderful place to meet your husband for a get away.  With Sophie (and Harris) ensconced with the grandparents, Ian and I were free to people-watch, wander the Strip and eat many a good meal.  Check back soon for restaurant reviews in the Travel Eats section.

The only thing I lost in Las Vegas was my headphones.  Ian wound up ~$150 ahead on the craps tables--promptly spent by yours truly on a Shun 8" chef knife.  I figured he owes me for time spent as a geographical single mother this past 7 months....

I wish I could say I cut the above artichoke with said chef knife, but alas I used my cheap Korean knife.  I am saving the Shun for when I actually deserve it.  Not for cutting some half-frozen artichokes that I forgot about in my refrigerator.  They were steamed into oblivion so you only get to see the before picture. 

Here is the recipe for the vinaigrette I ate them with:

1 cup carmelized onions (left over from making "Volcanoes" from Momofuku cookbook)

1 TBS grainy Dijon mustard


4 TBS sherry wine vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

Blend. You can add a little water to thin out if necessary.  Dip or serve with a salad.

I served some corn chowder at the same time.  Again, rescuing vegetables from the refrigerator.  Not great.  Sophie decided to have a >1 year old bowl of Asian noodles from the freezer rather than left over chowder on a subsequent night while I was toiling in labor and delivery.  Not my best work.

No recipe for you.

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