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Belated February Cupcake

We had bought the red cinnamon gummy hearts at Target with the best of intentions, but despite the extra day this year these cupcakes had to wait until March.

It was another time-consuming decorating job---

 Rolling the gummy hearts in sugar, cutting and assembling the petals.  Thank God Sophie is a candy hoarder and had some green Laffy Taffy in her Halloween leftovers.  The green leaves prevented the cupcakes from looking suspiciously like breasts.

We used a meringue frosting which was glossy and beautiful.  It could become my go-to cupcake icing--no butter!

From food.com,  find the recipe here.  Next time I make chocolate cupcakes I will use an orange or peppermint extract.  We used vanilla because the gummy hearts had a strong cinnamon flavor.

The recipe made enough to generously ice 11 cupcakes.  Next time I will half it.  Now to sweep the fine layer of sugar off my kitchen floor...

Cake Boss Guys

Leaving Las Vegas...