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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Scene from Dexter?  No, the plastic wrapped counter is just my way of combating the evil powers of raw chicken. My internet research turned up a great recipe from Steamy Kitchen for Hainanese Chicken Rice.  After having this dish at a hawker center in Singapore I knew I would eventually want to recreate it.  I am actually considering repeating this recipe today as Sophie and I are home with nasty colds.

Why the salt and serial killer counter prep?  The recipe calls for a vigorous exfoliation of a whole chicken to remove debris and leave the skin glowing.

              Chicken stuffed with ginger and scallions, ready for poaching

After poaching the chicken is immediately chilled in an ice water bath.  This chicken was perfectly moist with firm skin--just like me after a spa day.

After the chicken is poached, the rice is cooked with the poaching liquid and additional ginger and garlic.  A spicy red sauce is the traditional accompaniment along with soy sauce.  Serve broth and rice along side.

 I am feeling better already.....

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