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2 sauces and a slab of meat

Rainy weather precluded our excursion to Contigo Austin but we snuck the Pom Diggity into Central Market in his stealth bag and got fixins for a good homemade dinner.  Including some fresh basil because my basil has been reduced to stubs by the damn tomato hornworms.  How I enjoy smashing their bloated bodies into a green smear on my patio.

I had been wanting to try this recipe from food52 for a lemon caper dressing.  Totally incredible on steamed asparagus.  I subbed Meyer lemon and fleur de sel.  It would be great on anything green or even fish.

To accent my giant ribeye I chose this miso-mustard sauce that had been glowingly reviewed by the guys from the Bitten Word.  Thanks again for cherry picking the best recipes from the latest food magazines so these publications don't have to sit on the back of my toilet for a year before I get around to making anything from them.  I wound up using only half the amount of butter, and I am not sure if this made the sauce more salty but I certainly didn't need to add any additional salt.  It is also excellent combined with frozen potstickers.  Sophie said it even helped her choke down some steak.

Sophie's favorite salad, and I quote, "bread and cheese, that's my kind of salad".  It was actually a caprese panzanella made with fresh mozzarella (made daily at Central Market), grape tomatoes and homemade croutons.  Toss with a little fresh basil, balsamic and salt and pepper.

Lots of changes coming up.  We found a house in Bethesda that will allow Sophie to walk to school.  It has a painfully small kitchen, but we will make do.   Stay tuned as we trade in our cowboy boots for Sperry topsiders.

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