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Smart and Speedy

                                                   Newly Minted NJHS Member

 I will let you guess which pair of shoes Sophie wore with her new dress for the induction ceremony.  That way you won't think my commentary about tranny shoes on a middle schooler uncharitable.  And to think we worried about her dress straps being too narrow....

We had to rush back to the school almost as soon as she stepped off the bus.  Time only for reheated curry and rice.  Per Sophie, "this rice tastes funny."  Kindof like reheated week-old rice?  Sorry honey.  She filled up on cake afterwards.  More excitement to come tomorrow at the district meet where she will compete in the 800 and 1600.  

                                              Bowl of Carboload

Fresh peas, bacon, parmesan, eggs, pepper and 2 TBS chopped/sauteed shallots (my addition).  Recipe here from food52.com. I also substituted penne for the linguine.  Sophie's glycogen stores should be topped off.  Race report to follow!  For once we are hoping for no rain.

I AM the cheese queen

2 sauces and a slab of meat