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Grapefruit Tiramisu

                                    Terrible photo of a terrrific dessert

Even though I gorged myself on burratta last night in preparation for my 56 mile bike ride, I had room for more cheese today.  I wouldn't recommend "cheese loading" to the lactose intolerant, but it worked for me.  Sophie had a recovery weekend after crushing her mile PR at the district meet.  We had enjoyed a grapefruit tiramisu at Bliss, and this post chronicles my attempt to recreate it.

I actually made my own mascarpone using Jennifer Reese's recipe from "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter."  It involves heavy cream, tartaric acid, heat and draining.  Reese forewarns you that it is a ticklish process that may or may not result in tears and/or honest to goodness cheese.  I drained mine overnight and had a layer of dense, cheesy goodness topped with some looser creamy stuff about the consistency of sour cream.  I was able to rescue about a pound of mascarpone from my quart of heavy cream.  I used the recipe on the back of the ladyfinger package and didn't use any whipping cream, instead just whipping the dense cheese with the looser cheese all at once with wire beater.  Fold in your custard--I used cognac instead of Marsala and layer with ladyfingers.

For the grapefruit variation I made a grapefruit syrup with 1.5 cups grapefruit juice + 1.5 cups sugar-simmer until thick and use this to soak your ladyfingers instead of coffee syrup.

Cute bakery packaging from Korean packaging district.  I have been rationing/hoarding these.

Note the absence of chocolate dusting on top--didn't think it would mate well with grapefruit.  At Bliss it was topped with a sublime candied grapefruit zest.  Candied grapefruit zest was not happening at my house after a 56 mile ride.  A little candied ginger might be another option and I will apply to my serving and let you know how it tastes.

KFC means Korean Fried Chicken!

I AM the cheese queen