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Summertime, time for a snack and a drink

                      Mise en place: French for "get your sh!t together"

Once you have your ingredients ready, you are minutes away from eating fresh summer rolls. Sophie was truly fascinated by the rice paper wrappers as they changed from a "plasticky" disc into a translucent, soft wrapper.  Not fascinated enough to allow me to put shrimp in them unfortunately.

This stack of summer rolls took us less than 30 minutes to make.  Keep wrapped tightly and you can bring some for lunch the next day.

See through!  Bibb lettuce, sliced scallions, cilantro, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots--you can also use some cooked rice noodles as filling.  We skipped them because we were saving room for a giant slab of grapefruit tiramisu. 

Serve with sweet chili dipping sauce.  If you are wondering what that beautiful pink drink in the background is, here is the recipe:

Grapefruit Campari Sparkler

1-2oz grapefruit syrup (find recipe in grapefruit tiramisu post)--adjust for how sweet you want your drink

1 oz Campari

Soda water

Fill tall glass with ice and pour syrup and Campari over.  Top with soda water, stir.

Pizza Up In Your Grillz

KFC means Korean Fried Chicken!