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Birthday Cake

Sophie had been planning this birthday cake ever since we bought Momofuku Milk Bar's cookbook.  Layers of cake alternating with birthday cake crunch and the guilty pleasure of straight up sugary frosting.  For the kid whose mom hesitates to buy her any sort of junk food, this cake is the ne plus ultra.  She asked if she could have something special in her birthday lunch, "Like Hot Pockets."  That request was summarily denied, and I didn't feel bad because I knew I had this cake in my back pocket.

An excellent time was had by all at the indoor trampoline park.  There was a lot of jumping, dodge ball, the crappiest hot dogs I have ever eaten (apparently Soph has experienced a more terrible hot dog in her 13 years), and of course, cake.

There couldn't be a more deserving kid.  Her gentle and polite exterior belies a steel core.  This is the kid that sucked it up on Mother's Day (the day after her birthday party) and despite her migraine took me out to brunch, ate brunch, threw up brunch, and was then happy with two doughnuts from Target an hour later.

America would have a brighter future if more kids had the same HTFU (harden the f&*% up) attitude that Sophie does.  Happy Barfday Sophie, you rock.

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