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Divine Pork

Text from me to Ian, "We need to blog our pork."  This is my request for Ian to put pictures up for me to post around.  With his mad DSLR skillz I get better pictures for certain but have to wait until he has time to process and post them.  This was a middle of the week meal which for our family of four ensured we had enough pork for lunches and dinners through Friday.  It does take some planning, requiring some dry brining overnight and then 6-8 hours in a low oven.

The star of the show is the pork of course.  From David Chang, recipe here.

We omitted the oysters and substituted romaine for the butter lettuce.  Served with homemade cucumber kimchi, Asian microgreens, kim (Korean seaweed--much tastier than nori in my opinion) and steamed grain mix--a Korean mix of rice/barley/purple rice.

It took closer to 8 hours to achieve this fork tenderness--but we had a truly giant pork shoulder.  I think it was close to 10 lb.  The meal is eaten "family style" allowing each person to individualize their fillings and toppings.  Perfect for a crowd, even if they didn't live in Seoul for two years.

It gave the Lee family who are not Korean by name alone the opportunity to reminisce about our time in Korea.  It allowed me to use my Korean pottery which is worth the hand-washing.  Turning over this bowl revealed the 12,000 won price tag (~$10 U.S.) that we had yet to remove.  In the days to come there will be Rotiboy and Korean fried chicken as we reinforce with our stomachs the ties to a country so close to our hearts.

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