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We are Momofuku groupies.  Maddy and I both own copies of the Milk Bar cookbook; I am a Lucky Peach subscriber; and Maddy recently acquired a copy of the Momofuku cookbook.  When we move East this summer I am envisioning a pilgrimage to NYC for a Chang-fest.

The Lee family is also a bunch of die-hard ramen aficionados.  Specifically the tonkotsu style broth--made by long slow cooking of pork bones.  It is fatty and rich, and one bowl makes a hearty meal.  It is the Holy Grail of ramen.  There is not a decent bowl to be found in San Antonio...that is, until this week.  If you have an ambitious college student armed with a Momofuku cookbook and a lot of time you too could come home to a steaming bowl of ramen.  You may also come home to a kitchen covered in a light film of pork fat, but it will be worth it.  David Chang's recipe is long and somewhat involved, but it makes 5 quarts of broth which freezes well and it was worth the price of the book for our family.

Made by a starving college student, but not your starving college student's ramen....

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