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Lamburger vs. Hamburger.  The eternal debate.  But why decide if you don't have to.  Make yourself some sliders.  Then you can have both without seeming like a total glutton, and there will be cute leftovers for lunch.

Maddy and I hit the grocery store on the way home from work the other day hoping for a quick and satisfying dinner.  Sophie hates all things burger so she had hot dogs--also adorable on slider buns.  Cutting edge gourmet food purveyor that it is, Central Market even had slider buns.

We did beef sliders with roasted poblanos (thank you butane torch for a rapid pepper charring experience) and candied bacon which involved laying out thick cut bacon on parchment-lined baking sheet, brushing with mango chutney and/or bbq sauce and baking for 15 min each side in a 350F oven.  Not an exact science, hence our slightly darker than desirable but still delicious bacon.  We seasoned the meat with some shallot salt from Penzey's.

The lamburgers were seasoned with Greek seasoning and folded around some crumbled feta.  Served with some pickles that Maddy made.  Involved sriracha, pickling spices, sugar and just a tiny bit of human blood extracted by the mandoline.

It doesn't take two hands to handle the slider.  Smaller portions but equally satisfying.  How apropos after a day spent in diabetic clinic.


Uchi Finale: for your viewing pleasure...